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Erehwon Atlas is the marriage of people who have worked in community organizing and those who have experience in software programming. Our company was built by people who combine a love of politics with an equal love of data technology.

Jessica Olson

Managing Partner, Field Operations

Jessica began community organizing back when she was in college and took a role as the Volunteer Coordinator for the FL-AIM Support Group. In the two decades since, she has worked on issues ranging from Indigenous rights to marriage equality. Currently, she is an organizer with Solidarity Sundays in Logan Square, Chicago.

Over the last several years, Jessica has used her skills to volunteer on several local campaigns. She’s knocked doors, made phone calls, and texted banked. She’s passed petitions and done petition review. During the 2019 municipal elections, she was the Field Director for a Chicago aldermanic candidate. That experience made her realize that several of the field-related barriers of entry into politics for non-incumbent candidates could be overcome with modern technology. This includes replacing the manual process of petition review with a web-app that can do the same thing quicker and better. It also includes helping campaigns work smarter with their field staff, from helping prioritize which neighborhoods would be best to knock for signatures, and where campaigns can find community events in their district to collect signatures at.

You can reach Jessica at

Grant Anderson

Managing Partner, Technology

Grant has been a programming engineer for almost two decades. In his day job, he is involved in all stages of software development, including applications and databases. He is our back end master, managing our database development and overseeing Petition Atlas.

You can reach Grant at

Nathan Yawn

Principal Programmer

Nathan has been a programming engineer for two decades. He is the main architect of our Voter Atlas tools, and has helped with our front end development.

Tom Mayer

Server Architect

Tom is a U.S. veteran – he first learned how to use communications equipment while in the Marines. 15 years later, he is now an expert in servers. He makes sure that the engines hosting Erehwon Atlas hum along without any difficulties.

Liz Homsy

Outside Legal Counsel

Elizabeth Homsy is the outside counsel that Erehwon Atlas works with. What does that mean? Since she’s a lawyer, she maintains her own shingle and business. But she is a great litigator, and she’s spent the last several years learning the ins and outs Illinois election law. That’s why she is the lawyer we are happy to recommend to anyone who needs one for their campaign.

Liz has been active in her community as an activist for decades, and once she got her law degree, she focused on civil rights. She works with the Westside Justice Center, and has bonded out her fair share of activists arrested in direct actions. Currently, she is one of the attorneys on the Gang Database case filed against the city of Chicago.

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